Empower your customers to build their own reports

Allow your users to safely access their data and build custom reports, directly from your application.

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How does it work?

HelloQuery connects to your database using a read-only connection, allowing you to write safe and performant SQL queries. You can save these queries with descriptive names for easy future access. Our advanced SQL editor even lets you control who can see the data based on roles or user IDs.

After you create your base queries, HelloQuery provides a secure dashboard that you can integrate directly into your application and make accessible to your customers. This dashboard shows your customers the queries you've created and allows them to further fine-tune the information by adding their own filters to the base queries. Your customers can then create custom reports.

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Self-Service Embedded Analytics

With HelloQuery, your customers gain on-demand access to the data they need. Our custom filtering system allows them to fine-tune their data independently. This empowers your customers to create the reports they need and ensures their data access remains secure.

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Export with ease

Are you often asked to export user data? With HelloQuery, exporting data is as easy as a click. Your customers can filter and export data in their preferred format and even schedule exports for future dates.

They can set up automated reports to land directly in their inbox according to a chosen schedule. Plus, we offer an advanced feature that highlights only the changes in data, keeping them up-to-date effortlessly.

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