The AI powered data analyst
for marketers.

Sick of asking your developer to pull a report on sales by date? Or asking for a list of customers who are a churn risk?

Skip the hassle and use HelloQuery to directly ask your database questions. HelloQuery converts your questions to SQL, runs the SQL, and returns a table and chart.

You can export the results and use them in your own reports.

Instant Answers

Ask the database what you want to know. Don't worry, you can't break anything.

Want to know how many users logged in yesterday? Just ask.

Want their email addresses so you can target them? Ask!

Are you tracking sales data? Want to know how your sales have performed month over month? Again, ask!

Don't know SQL and worried about accuracy? That's understandable, no AI is perfect (yet).

We allow your developer to add training data to train the AI model on your unique database structure, which will improve accuracy. You can also invite them to check your queries if you'd like.

Fortunately you can get pretty far without them.

Shareable links to live data

You can create live links to share and refresh data.

Enable sharing and create a live link to a CSV. Share it with your team or customers. The data will be refreshed every time the page is reloaded. Remove sharing anytime.

Filter and Export

Once you have your data, easily filter it by column name and export it to CSV or Google Sheets. Get only the data you want in the places you need it.

Is it safe?


HelloQuery will only run single SELECT statements - it's impossible to modify the data in your database by accident.

The AI never sees your data. We do not store your data permanently, it simply passes through our servers when queries are executed.

We safeguard your database credentials with the most stringent security measures. We use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) with a robust 256-bit encryption key and a unique initialization vector (IV) for encryption, ensuring your information is protected at all times.